Jason Cady
Composer and Librettist

Jason Cady is a composer and librettist. He performs on pedal steel guitar and modular synthesizer. Pitchfork called him a “mod-synth mastermind…funny and engaging.” Anthony Tommasini, in the New York Times, described his video opera, I Screwed Up the Future, as “charming fantasy...drably comic and spacey.” Opera News described his opera I Need Space as “"delightfully weird...hilarious, dry and detached performances made this futuristic, retro story of love and rejection endearingly poignant.” The Wire described his one-act opera Post-Madonna Prima Donna as, “thoughtful satire, sharp composition.”

Brianna Shuttleworth

Brianna Shuttleworth finished her MFA in Game Design at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU in 2020. The strength of her portfolio and design skills has landed her a job as a Game Designer in New York City at HOMER, a game studio specializing in educational games for ages 2-8. She also shows her work nationally and internationally and continues to make games that are works of art for the mass market.

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Elizabeth Broeder
Actor, Choreographer, Teacher

Elizabeth Broeder is a Teaching Artist at the Arizona Theatre Company and a Dance Teacher and Choreographer at Greasepaint
Youtheatre. She is also a working actor at Happily Ever After Entertainment, LLC and the Southwest Shakespeare Company. She has also acted and been a Production Manager
at Dirt Capsule Films.

Ignacio (Nacho) Herrera
Music and Video Producer

icCakeProductions, is a Multi-Media Production Company, founded by Ignacio Herrera (Nacho) and Chad Doering. They provide a high quality service in the following fields, but not limited to: audio/video production, video editing. audio engineering, hip-hop beats, photography, digital graphics, project management, project conceptualization, and full project production.

Barni Axmed Qaasim
Storyteller and Documentarian

“I am a storyteller and filmmaker who creates art to envision a just and sustainable world. I work with  communities to document movements for social justice, to train members to use media tools, and to create media strategies to win campaigns. My work is rooted in the philosophy that those most impacted
by injustice are capable, strong and the most qualified to tell their own stories . I focus on capturing images and sounds that evoke emotion and build connections between people, because art can bring people together
in a way that politics cannot."