Past Events

by Barry Moon

A sound installation where plants determine what sounds are produced. Various parameters of sound production are controlled by light sensors. By choosing to cover sensors with their leaves, plants can control the sound. Although research has demonstrated that sound can be beneficial or detrimental to a plant’s wellbeing, there has been no attempt to allow plants to demonstrate preferences for particular types of sound.

Random Moments: IrrePLACEable Space
by Patricia Clark

An exhibition and a story of discovery and rediscovery told through photography, composite imagery, text, sound, and video. It is a body of work that presents on a larger scale the overlooked, the extremely small, the barely glimpsed, and fragile elements of life, of nature: curious bits of perfection often missed as one runs from point to point, with many that may not continue to exist as weather extremes of global warming begin to take effect upon the planet in both subtle and violent manners.

Withholding: a reading room for the Archive of Constraint
by alejandro t. acierto

The artist calls this a temporary site for study; a resting space within and among the undercommons, it is an active performance of refusal and fugitive planning. Drawn from objects and ephemera held within the Archive, this project traces the ongoing legacies of carceral systems from colonial occupations and their image-making practices. As an expanded, experimental site of performance whose relics are composed of objects, videos, and images, the Archive maps the contours of corporeal colonization found throughout vernacular images and ephemera of colonial material culture.

Tell His Story
by Aaron Allen Marner

Marner is a visual artist whose work has sought to capture and express his own experience as an African American artist. Much of his recent work has been inspired and influenced by the conversation and national response initiated by the Black Lives Matter movement. This virtual installation is celebrating the African-American History Month.

by IAP Major, Louis Falgout

This interdisciplinary work features video, graphics, and a complete sound and music score by Falgout.

Indigenous Resistance:
The Art of Protest
Curated by Assistant Professor Jacob Meders, MFA

Indigenous Resistance: The Art of Protest was a two-man show that featured an art movement in a social political indigenous perspective. The show featured live print action! Low tech high octane inked resistance.

Opening Reception:
November 6, 2019

6-8 pm

Fractured PI
Curated by Lyle Dillie

In partnership with Estrella Mountain Community College’s Multimedia Club and Performing Arts Center, the Fractured PI has created a 10′ x 10′ x 7′  hexagonal lantern with six projectors that displays an intricate, almost 3-D dance scene from multiple angles.

Led by professor and artist, Lyle Dillie, EMCC students Rebecca Heizelman, Bo Brady, dancers Deckontee Lowery and Joseph Corona and musician Martin Wesolowski, plus others have created a dynamic 360° surrealistic video art experience.

Opening Reception:

September 4, 2019

6-9 pm