Students in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance degree are able to take their creativity to the next level, creating works of art showcased at ArtSpace West, performing at Second Stage West, directing short films, recording in the music studio, and developing impactful toys and games.

Students who major in interdisciplinary arts and performance develop critical backgrounds useful for teaching, scholarship, and curatorial work. They also receive extensive preparation for careers as artists, performers, creative professionals, and art entrepreneurs.


The Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance (IAP) program was founded in 1997 to engage in practical and theoretical studies of visual, sonic, and performance arts. The original program was founded on the history and theory of the 20th Century Avant-garde. 


To IAP, interdisciplinary arts continues to mean an approach to study and training in the arts, performance, digital media, and creativity that focuses on how multiple art disciplines combine in an integrated way. We emphasize new concepts and experiences and creative ways of working.

School of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

IAP is situated within the School of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies where students learn to think critically about the human experience and communicate effectively while working within, outside, and across the boundaries of traditional liberal arts disciplines.

Through rigorous, interdisciplinary coursework, students and faculty seek to break down the walls between different areas of study to understand where and how they intersect. Students gain powerful, life-enriching, practical skills that enable them to think outside the box and equip them to solve global challenges.